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lmao are you seriously telling people of color that their own use of the term "people of color" is racist, despite the fact it was coined by people of color? check your white privilege

White privilege?



This is where I insert a soundbite from One Direction. We all know the one. “That’s what makes you beautiful—All Hah’s”

Anon, it’s funny that you should assume that just because I find the term ‘POC’ to be used in a racist fashion here on tumblr, that I’m white.

I’m cherokee. Just like my father before me, and my grand mother, and her parents, and their parents before them. My mother is Cheyenne.

Why should there be an umbrella term for people who ‘arent’ white’. It’s funny. It’s like it’s just brushing aside EVERYTHING that you are to say you’re just ‘not this’.

I’m not white. I’m also not going to call myself a person of colour. I’m just a person. I’m Native American. An American Indian.

And seeing the words ‘people of colour’ thrown around the way everyone here does, “POC should get representation in this project” or “POC feel this” or “POC feel that.” it strikes up two feelings in me:

  1. My rights as a human being, to think and feel the things I think and feel are being overwritten by other people who want to impress THEIR thoughts and feelings on a subject.
  2. I’m being used by people who didn’t bother to get my opinion on a subject. Did you ASK ME or anyone else if I had an opinion on that? Couldn’t you just say it some other way, rather than trying to use my identity for your own purposes?

There are a lot of people here on tumblr who take it upon themselves to speak up for people who aren’t white, and in the process, may as well be using the term in the same way other such terms were used for belittling in the sixties and seventies. We’re supposed to be better than that and past it.

If you want to speak up about the casting of a movie or the treatment of people, do it in a way that doesn’t make you look like a douche. Don’t pepper that term like it’s the finest seasoning and it’s going to make you look better for doing it. Don’t spread it around like you’re speaking for the good of everyone, when you’re really just looking for an ego stroke. 

More importantly, don’t come into my ask box accusing me of privilege when you don’t know me. Twenty five, disabled, cherokee cheyenne, living on the living room floor of my mother’s flat, surviving on $800 a month of ssdi. Yeah, I’m so fucking privileged.


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