This is my brother. Right now he’s serving in the Air Force, in Japan. He’s a sweet guy. He likes music, he likes goofing off.

This is us when we were 12 and 13(he’s younger than I am) 

Him with his guitar in tech school.

A few years back he got a girl pregnant, and did what he assumed was the right thing. He loved her, and married her.

Handsome guy, isn’t he? He looks like our grand father.

He went in to the military to provide for her, and their daughter, Amelia. He loves that little girl to death. Our house is covered in photos of them.

His wife broke his heart, demanding a divorce for a bullshit reason, which I’m told I can’t put in public without causing potential problems. Let’s just say my reasons for hating this woman are long and littered with violence, sex-manipulation, wasting my money, nearly killing various members of my family and THIS.

Today my mother went to pick up his divorce papers so she could ship them out to him in Japan.

What she found is yet another reason for my loathing of his wife.

Katie set a court date and didn’t serve Eric. This is illegal, but there is nothing that can be done, since the date is September 4th.

My mother is not a lawyer, therefor cannot represent him.

We cannot afford a lawyer for him, and he himself cannot afford one, either.

I am here begging you, the people of tumblr, to help out a kind, intelligent, SCREWED OVER serviceman finish his divorce without getting beaten out by this horrid woman.

I’m dropping all thought of going to con for this. I give up. We need to raise $1500 dollars by the end of this week in order for him to get a lawyer to serve him for this.

My brother isn’t even in the states right now. He has two more years over there before he can come home.

I will draw whatever you want for this, save porn. I can’t draw porn. If you can help me out, please contact me via ask or email, (

update may 14 2014 the situation is resolved
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